Carronbridge Circle - Kanata ON

By SaveStation

Making our Community #CardiacSafe!

2019 SaveStation Campaign - Funds Raised!

Our goal is to place an outdoor defibrillator (AED) on our street for everyone to have access to 24/7, because in cardiac arrest seconds truly matter! Natalie and I, along with our two grown children Travis and Kayla, hope you will all join us in making our neighbourhood a safer place! 

As a survivor of sudden cardiac arrest I know first-hand that cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at anytime - so my hope is that we can all come together to make sure our neighbourhood is protected! We will place this AED in an outdoor weatherproof case, so it is available 24/7 year round for any one of us to use. It will be located on the side of our home, visible and easy for anyone to access. Whether you are at your home, dropping your kids off at the bus stop, playing at the park or splash pad - this life saving device will be within reach.

As a family we have chose to purchase the AED, and are happy to contribute $1000 towards the purchase of the SaveStation - but we really need all of your help to reach our total goal allowing everyone 24/7 access to this device. 

~Chris Troughton

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