What is the purpose of this site?

The SaveStation Crowdfunding Program is an initiative that allows individuals to place SaveStations around their neighbourhoods to make a positive impact by increasing and enabling access to life-saving AEDs. This initiative was developed to help anyone in a community start a fundraising campaign. The SaveStation platform provides the social sharing tools to help spread the word and ultimately tracks and manages all the donations raised during the campaign.

Does it cost anything to launch a fundraising campaign?

There is no charge to set up a crowdfunding campaign. 6.5% of the total amount raised will be deducted which covers the payment processing and platform management fees.

When are donors charged for their campaign contribution?

Contributions are captured immediately.

Do you have to use a credit card to support the SaveStation campaign?

Yes, all funds are captured via credit card and are charged immediately.

What currencies do you accept?

Currently we accept CAD and USD

We’ve raised the funds – now what?

Reach out to your SaveStation Distributor once you've reached your goal. The Distributor will work with you directly to arrange shipment and guide you through the installation of the SaveStation (and AED). The Distributor will lead you through how to properly monitor and take care of your SaveStation. Each Distributor will offer their own programs and services, please speak with them to discuss AED training and installation details.

Will I receive a charitable tax receipt for my contribution?

SaveStation is not a registered charity and can not provide tax receipts for any contributions.

Are there any ongoing costs?

Please see ongoing costs on ‘Choosing a SaveStation

What’s required for installing a SaveStation?

SaveStations are very easy to install, please contact support@savestation.ca if you require an installation guide, or ask your Distributor. SaveStation Distributors are also equipped to help you through the setup and installation of your SaveStation.

What happens if I need to stop my campaign?

Your SaveStation distributor will provide support and guidance to help you make the campaign successful. In the event that the campaign needs to be stopped, we can issue a refund to the donors, less fees.