One Mission

Together we will save more lives from cardiac arrest

SaveStation provides this easy-to-use crowdfunding tool to help you and your friends work together to raise money to place life-saving defibrillators where you live, work and play.

Our Collective Goal

We need access to an AED within 4 minutes of cardiac arrest to ensure the greatest chance of survival. Neighbors are coming together to protect their communities, one AED at a time. Together we have the Power to Save Lives!

Please reach out to your local SaveStation Distributor to discuss the best fundraising target for your goals!

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24/7 Access

SaveStation belongs everywhere - where we live, work and play - 24/7 - indoors and out. With more Access, Awareness & Education we will save more lives!

Meet Brenda

Brenda, an active mother of three, suffered a cardiac arrest while biking a country road with friends. Brenda’s life was saved that day because of quick access to a defibrillator (AED) and CPR provided by her heroic companions. Watch Brenda’s #SaveStory.

Meet Steve

Steve, father of five, suffered a cardiac arrest while playing squash at his local gym. Steve’s life was saved that day because the facility had invested in a defibrillator and Good Samaritans stepped in and helped. Watch Steve’s #SaveStory.

SaveStation Community

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