About SaveStation

It's Time for SaveStation - Because Every Second Matters!

With only 10 minutes to save a life, we are highly dependent on the general public to quickly find an AED and feel confident to use it.

SaveStation offers a visual standard for the public to easily identify where to find an AED - much like the blue “H” that identifies a hospital. Along with visual unity, SaveStation offers public-access training videos to help empower the public to take action!

SaveStation provides the technology to place AEDs outside so that the public has access to them 24/7. In order to dramatically increase survival rates, we need access to AEDs after hours, on weekends and in outdoor public places (in addition to all indoor public buildings and workplaces).

Crowdfunding allows us all to work together and take action into our own hands to help place life-saving AEDs throughout our communities.


For more information and to view the full product line, visit savestation.ca

How to get involved:

Join the Movement and Start a Campaign for your Community!

Contribute to an existing campaign

Share on social with #SaveStation and #SaveStationCrowdfunding

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