About SaveStation

It's Time for SaveStation - Because Every Second Counts!

SaveStations are designed to house any AED on the market. From indoor wall cabinets to outdoor fully monitored Towers, SaveStation provides immediate access for the public to a life-saving device, 24/7. SaveStations strategically placed throughout any community will dramatically increase the chance to save more lives.

SaveStation is also MORE than an AED cabinet, it is a public awareness program that is providing critical education about CPR and how to use an AED. With just 4 minutes to save a life, we need the public to feel confident to take action in an emergency. Knowing where to go and what to do when witnessing Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the first step to save a life.

Crowdfunding allows us all to work together and take action into our own hands to help place life-saving AEDs throughout our communities.


For more information and to view the full product line, visit savestation.ca

How to get involved:

Join the Movement and Start a Campaign for your Community!

Contribute to an existing campaign

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Become a SaveStation Ambassador and challenge others to get involved! Contact us to learn more.