We need access to an AED within 4 minutes of cardiac arrest to ensure the greatest chance of survival.

Neighbours are working together to protect their communities!

The Problem:

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is among the #1 causes of death in most developed countries.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is just that - sudden - there are no warning signs and it can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any time.

The majority of people that go into Sudden Cardiac Arrest are in public places or at home.

Every 11 minutes, someone will go into Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Without the PUBLIC having quick access to and use of an AED & the delivery of CPR the chance of surviving sudden cardiac arrest is almost ZERO.

When in Cardiac Arrest – every second matters, for every minute that goes by, the chance of survival drops by 10%:

0-4 minutes brain damage unlikely
4-6 minutes brain damage begins
6-10 minutes brain damage most likely
10+ minutes brain damage irreversible

Average response time within city limits for paramedics to arrive on scene can vary, but is approx 8-10 mins. Response time in rural areas can be much higher.

The Solution:

Use this crowdfundng platform to help your community place a life-saving AED!

Together, we have the Power to Save Lives.