Local firefighters raise money for home placement

13 May 2020


As a family we decided to spear head an initiative to get a readily accessible defibrillator (AED) into our community. Justin and I have both been on the Fire Department in Clearview Township, Ontario, Canada for approximately 7 years. This has given us a true understanding of how critical it is to have a defibrillator used within the first few 10 minutes of an arrest. Every minute that goes by without an AED means 10% less chance of survival.  We also know that 80% of cardiac arrests happen near the home so want to do everything we can to make a defibrillator accessible to our neighbours 24/7 – AEDs don’t belong behind locked doors!

We couldn’t  do it alone and so we needed everyone’s help.  The SaveStation Crowdfuding platform helped us reach our goals and it was amazing how we all came together to make sure our neighbourhood is now protected - 24/7.

Our SaveStation is now placed on the side of our home and is easy for anyone to access.

We also hosted a social event, where we brought all of our neighbours together and taught them how to use the AED and perform CPR.

A special thank you to our local real estate agent, Jeff McKinnes for her very generous donation to help kickstart our campaign!