Help Bridge Port Marina Save Lives on the Trent Severn Waterway - Orillia ON

By Bridge Port Marina

Making our Community #CardiacSafe!

Together we have the power to make our community Cardiac Safe!

Here at Bridge Port Marina, our number one priority is safety

Our marina is in a high traffic zone on the Trent Severn waterway system, at the narrows between lakes Couchiching and Simcoe. This waterway connects hundreds of boaters from communities all over North America. Our marina is often the first point of contact and destination for boaters in any kind of trouble, including medical emergencies.  We operate towboat emergency services – meaning that often, we are the first ones on the scene before even police or paramedics. Police (OPP) also dock their boats at our marina.

Our staff began discussing the possibility of having onsite Automatic External Defibrillators (or AEDs) at our first aid training. We deal with emergency situations on a regular basis and have had an AED used to save the life of a boater who collapsed right on our fuel dock. However, our AED is currently located in the laundry room, which though central, the marina is still a very large property. When we learned about SaveStation, we knew it was the obvious solution.

Quick access to an AED is crucial

With less than 10 minutes to save a life from Sudden Cardiac Arrest, all of us are highly dependent on each other, members of the general public, to quickly find an AED and feel confident to use it. AEDs are empowering the public to save lives - now AEDs can be found quickly and easily in SaveStations across the world in our public spaces and communities. SaveStation offers a visual standard for the public to easily identify where to find an AED - much like the blue “H” that identifies a hospital. Along with visual unity, SaveStation offers public-access training videos to help empower the public to take action!

SaveStation provides the technology to place AEDs outside so that the public has access to them 24/7. In order to dramatically increase survival rates, we need access to AEDs after hours, on weekends and in outdoor public places (in addition to all indoor public buildings and workplaces) – anytime, anywhere.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is still one of the leading causes of death and can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time. With greater access, education, and awareness about AEDs we can make a huge difference! 

Help us place 24/7 Accessible AEDs at the marina

We want to place three additional publicly accessible AEDS at Bridge Port Marina for our community to use in the event of an emergency, whether on land or on the water. 

One will be placed outside at our fuel dock, which is the hub of our location and one will be placed outside of the main office. Both of these will be kept inside heated ventilated and monitored cabinets which will make these AED accessible 24/7! 

The third AED will be located in a waterproof mobile case that can travel with us on our towboat or utility vehicle when we are responding to emergencies at any hour out on the water. 

 Together, we can make our waterways and our community safer for everyone!

Please help us place three #SaveStations with life-saving AEDs in our marina and make our neighbourhood #CardiacSafe. 100% of your generous donation goes to this campaign and will help us reach our goal.


Thank you for your support!

My Updates

Watch this quick CPR & AED training refresher video and learn how to use the AEDs that will be inside our SaveStations that we’re fundraising for!!

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Fantastic idea. Good work Trevor and crew.


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Way to go Bridge Port Marina!


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Hope this is a success.


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It's great to see a marina taking this seriously. With immediate access to an AED combined with CPR, may increase survival by 75% or more. Good job Bridge Port!


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Great initiative. Let's make boating safer for all of us.


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Keeping the ball rolling for a great cause


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Fantaatic !


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Terrific objective - appreciate having increased safety in and out of the marina for me and others! You actually have an amazing opportunity to provide critical aid in a pretty broad catchment. Well done. Proud to call Bridge Port our home.


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Excellent idea!


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