She Shoots She Saves 2023

By She Shoots She Saves 2023

Making our Community #CardiacSafe!

CYGHA Community Fundraising

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About our Campaign

The CYGHA is proud to announce their third annual She Shoots She Saves campaign. This inclusive campaign encourages all participants the opportunity to be active members of their community and experience the positivity and sense of team all while bringing awareness to the importance of community access AEDs by making their community Cardiac Safe. The girls’ inspiration for this fundraiser was a fellow CYGHA Panther who did CPR and used an AED on her father’s friend at a hockey game. Her quick reaction and access to a public AED saved the man's life.

Last year's She Shoots She Saves campaign was a league wide event,  and again this year we are hoping to embrace the team spirit and have teams work together to set skill goals and fundraise as a team unit. Teams are encouraged to use the Hockey Share link to track all of their hockey shots and to even to get competitive and send challenges to other teams.

Each year, an estimated 35,000 cardiac arrests occur in Canada. The vast majority happen in public places or at home, and few people survive. But survival rates double if someone performs CPR and uses an automated external defibrillator (AED).**

With last year's success of She Shoots She Saves, the CYGHA was able to place 2 more outdoor AED SaveStations in their community at local parks and outdoor rinks. In total the CYGHA has been able to place 7 outdoor AED SaveStations in our community.

This year we hope our She Shoots She Saves campaign can help save more lives and bring education and awareness to CPR and AEDs.

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John Joy Mcwhirter

We are ver proud of all fundraisers especially our granddaughter Ruby Connor